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Built on a foundation of family legacy and entertaining


I'm Jenny, the face behind B Rooted Charcuterie Boards. B Rooted is built on a foundation of family legacy and entertaining. Growing up, my parents would entertain often at their home and had unique touches to make each gathering memorable, with food being the center. Whether it was themed napkin rings, delicious appetizers or vintage china, my Mom thought of everything. She passed her love of entertaining onto me and I'm blessed to have this opportunity to help make your gatherings just as special. 

The B Rooted logo is more than just what meets the eye. "B" represents my son Brock - who is a great sous chef!  "Rooted" represents strength, stability and being grounded. My parents' farm logo, Guhde Farms is incorporated into the B.  I know they are smiling down on me, as I share the Guhde passion for entertaining with our community. 

At B Rooted we're passionate about making every gathering - big or small - memorable with a customized grazing option to fit your needs. If you are looking for a unique twist to a board, don't hesitate to reach out!


Locally Sourced Goods

We are grateful to be able to source meats, honey, sweet treats and salty snacks from local businesses.

Piece of Honeycomb
weaver meats_edited_edited.jpg

Afton, IA

lt farms.jpg

Lenox, IA

Raw Honeycomb

Green Family Farms Honey

Creston, IA

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